Benefit from my extensive SCD knowledge


Business Analysis

Analysing your business processes, work- and data flow and ensuring all components are included in order to propose the optimal solution for your business.

Solution Design

Desiging an optimal solution taking timing issues and data avalability into consideration. Solution are design to be scalable and easy to maintain.

Solution Implementation

Implementing the suggested solutions and work flows according to the solution design incl. documentation of the solution so maintenance can easily be done subsequently by the client.

Data integration

Data integration to SimCorp Dimension to external systems e.g. orders, holdings.

Data integration to SimCor Dimension from external systems e.g. prices, static data or order fills.

Dimension to Dimension  integration e.g. auxiliary jobs, transactions, transactions to orders.

Mission and values

My mission to create solutions that are scalable and easy to maintain so manual intervention in reduced to a minimum. The goal is to give the users an experience that the daily work is about exception handling and removing obstacles so that Straight Through Processing actually is present in the daily business process.

Business Analysis

Analysis of AS-IS system overview and suggestions to TO-BE overviews. Analysis of business flow and requested data requirement in order to provide Straight Through Process solutions. Analysis of data requirement for client reporting.

Solution Design

Once the business has been analysed and requirements are knowned I can proved with Solution Design which defines the basic data and system requirements e.g. Security structure, Portfolio hierarchy, Counterparty data structure, Compliance node tree, Performance node tree.

Implementation Solutions

Implementing and hands-on in order to secure scalable and durable solutions. Implementation Solutions offers to implement all aspects of SimCorp Dimension modules e.g.

Compliance incl. Fragments and Compliance Attributions

Front Office solutions and calculations e.g. PKR Server configuration

Asset Pricing e.g. Pricing Profiles/Definitions

NAV calculations e.g.Fund Schemes, Fund Events

Authority Reporting e.g. STINA

Data Integration

Data integration from SimCorp Dimension to external systems e.g. data warehouse, Bloomberg, Reuters etc. for reporting, pricing or orders.

Data integration to SimCorp Dimension from external systems, data suppliers e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters etc. for pricing, static data, transactions order fills.

Data integration SimCorp Dimension to SimCorp Dimension e.g. auxiliary jobs for improved STP solutions, data migration of transactions